Civil Law

The study conducted in the field of civil law, judicial and extrajudicial activities relating to road accidents, debt, family law, separations and divorces, disqualifications and inabilitazioni, rentals and condo, enforcement, contracts, minor procedures, consulting and civil law in General.

Special attention is also devoted to company law and labour law thanks to the experience gained through the company's legal counsel, as well as in the quality of the component companies of C.d.A throughout the national territory and in various fields (health, real estate, publishing, Commerce, industry, fashion and tourism). The fields of greater interest are: family Bond Insurance Contracts Property Succession and RCA Corporation and people work and retirement planning banking

Criminal Law

The firm has gained experience in General and criminal offences, in particular through specific studies and forensic training developed at the Studio Penale "Alfredo and Nicola Cantafora" of Catanzaro. The major knowledge areas are: Offences against the public administration crimes against the family and the individual Crimes against property crimes against the public economy, industry, and business Crimes provided for by special laws on bankruptcy, corporate and construction.

Administrative Law

The experience in public administration, through elective office, covered by the owner of the Studio, allow a thorough understanding of the relevant issues. The areas of intervention of the Firm S are as follows: Building Urban Environmental Law Expropriations Electrosmog procurement and contracts generally Law PA of local public school Law health law liability of public computer science public administration administrative responsibility and accounting